What’s new and different for you right now? Are you working on an important project or planning an exciting journey? Have you made new friends? Are there changes in your family, either events to celebrate or problems to overcome? What ever is happening right now, is being influenced by what is happening in the heavens.

The rise and fall of water on earth is controlled by the combined gravitational pull of the sun and the moon. During the Full and New moon phase we experience maximum tides. High tides and low tides are at there most extreme. Today is the October New Moon. We know it is there but we can not see it at this time, as it is in the shadow. The spiritual significance of the new moon, is one of new beginnings in all areas of life. We dream in the night with our eyes closed, this should perhaps give us a clue, as to how we can use the energy of the New Moon: we are at our most creative during these times. So go ahead and start something new and be guided by the idea that, change is the only constant.


I am excited to announce that I have created an on-line school to deliver a series of mindfulness Training for busy people, who have forgotten how to relax. What I am sharing this New Moon day, is the launch of a free taster pre-view of what to expect. Click on the link here

Please leave a comment and prepare yourself for the launch of the full course next month.

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